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About HER


Vantashia Shontale is an author, entrepreneur, and speaker determined to help women achieve their goals in life and business. Her transparency of becoming HER, has helped people instantly connect and relate, giving them the strength to step out of the shadows and embrace their now. 

Vantashia is a legal paraprofessional with a passion for the law. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies from American Public University with a minor in Business and a Juris Master (Master of Jurisprudence) from the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School  She is a notary public in the state of Virginia and is currently obtaining her paralegal certification. Additionally, Vantashia holds two certifications from Harvard University focusing on Contract Law and U.S. Political Institutions.

Currently, Vantashia is the founder of My Sister’s KeepHER and the Chief Executive Officer of the HER Group, LLC. In addition, Vantashia actively sits on the board of several national nonprofits, serves as a Director-at-Large of the Black Alumni Chapter of George Mason University, and volunteers her time as a Legal Intake Coordinator with the Washington Lawyer’s Division in Washington, DC. Vantashia is also a member of the National Federation of Paralegals Association, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, and the National Bar Association. 


I AM HER was created because we believe in the whole woman. The woman’s ability to be the CEO, entrepreneur, and top executive. HER strength of being a nurturer, a friend, and a mother. She has the wisdom to be the voice of guidance and demonstrator of love. A woman does not have to choose to be more of a woman in one area than the next due to the societal labels and constraints placed on her. She can be all those things and more.

In all of her finesse, charisma, and resiliency, she is HER. She is strong, beautiful, caring, loving, providing, feminine and intelligent, she is HER. She can be outspoken in her fashion, independent in her career, and an amazing companion to her spouse and more, she is HER. She is a woman, and she is enough!

 I AM HER exists to help every woman discover the HER inside. The HER that life’s hardships tried to hide, hurt tried to bury and scars tried to make up. She is Healed. Empowered and Resilient. She is you. She is me. She is us and I AM HER.

HER Vision


HER Dream Academy

Sis, have you wanted to go back to school but life’s challenges got in the way, or you simply couldn’t afford it? Have you thought about adding to your resume or simply have a passion for something different? The HER Dream Academy exists to help you reach your educational dreams without obtaining the debt to do so. From certifications to associate and bachelor’s degrees, whatever your educational dreams maybe we have you covered. No dream is too big!


HER Dream Society

From Girls’ trips, vision board parties, networking events, girls’ night & more when it comes to women supporting women and finding your tribe, this group is for you. A society is a special place where people who share common interests and goals come together and that’s what HER Dream Society is. Whether you’ve found your supportive tribe or are still in search this is for you. No matter where you are on life’s journey, this is for YOU! Let’s find HER together!



HER Business

Sis, do you have a vision but don’t quite know where to get started? Looking for a fresh perspective or direction for your business? Looking to expand or properly structure your business but can’t afford to do it all? Looking for a team of dedicated professionals to help you elevate your business? Let HER help you!